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God’s Lodge is a human-based program that offers personal development tools based on a methodology with a humanistic vision focused on the various areas of the person, where, through 4-day retreats, participants will be guided by experts in nutrition, coaching, psychology, thanatology, physical well-being, and spiritual guidance, to live a transformational experience.


“To help humankind live more consciously, with experts that’ll create a personalized guide; offering a better quality of life for their body, mind, emotions and spirit”.

The main idea for this project is centered around non-traditional tourism within an exclusive compound in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; an extraordinary service as well as around the purpose of helping humankind face the challenges that daily life may present.

We design a plan that caters to each guest’s specific needs, with integral personalized attention, and an environment that is completely different from the routine-oriented world, ensuring a valuable and fascinating space for all our guests. 

We aim at welcoming our guests to our retreats, with the firm commitment of doing everything it takes so that they can enjoy the experience, as well as to encourage them to reconnect with themselves.

We have three pillars:

Conscious nutrition
The power of the mind and emotions
Spiritual guide

Conscious nutrition:

We’ll create consciousness around having a nurtured body that may prevent or cure diseases. Therefore, our guests will follow a specific diet, –adjusted to their tastes, needs and preferences–, in which they’ll be able to enjoy a daily consumption of essential nutrients that are crucial for proper physical and mental development.

The power of the mind and emotions:

We’ll teach our guests that everything in life can be solved through one’s thoughts and a positive attitude; and that the mind is powerful when creating scenarios of health, well-being, love, and fulfillment in life.


Some of the benefits we offer:

Spiritual Guide:

We’ll teach you how to let go of old limiting beliefs, through several techniques, practices, and traditions that will help you reconnect with the essence of Being, of the Divine, and of what’s Sacred; to foster well-being and well-living.


Some of the benefits we offer:


We offer a transformational experience, with the purpose of improving our community’s integral quality of life.


To achieve our goal, we’ve created a methodology with group dynamics that start since the moment you wake up, they last all day so that participants may be able to connect deeply with themselves and then guide them towards a deep sleep.


Group dynamics are:

There are also individual sessions for:


We offer a cozy, welcoming environment that transmits great peacefulness and a very positive energy among wonderful spaces in nature.


The well-being of our guests is the motivation behind our daily acts of service. Which is why we take care of every detail during your week-long visit to the hacienda.


Creating a safe space with an exclusive guide so that every guest may live their own healing process, discover their life’s purpose and choose to be happy.

The package deal includes:


we are pet friendly


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